Modern and authentic artwork

Enliven by and large by spiritual words and wisdom of Gita, Indian culture and Hindu Gods Zuza has been painting his canvas predominantly from this spiritual inspiration; further inspired by famous artists and world art he created different types of art and in doing so he has been steadily contributing to an Indian contemporary art scene.

Here is an example of an artist whose inspiration can come from just about anywhere, thus Zuza refuses to confine to one theme or one method of painting. However, vibrancy of colors is the one thing that he adheres to.

Zuza strives to create works free of boredom/ shallowness. What is apparent is his ability to pack his canvas in multitude of meanings. Features of his latest creations make the viewer wonder and ponder upon the message given thus impressing upon us a memorable experience asking to be revisited.

For the committed perfectionist there is no limit to one's growth in aesthetic creativity, as such, Mr. Zuza is promising to show us new heights in years to come.