Chasing a passion requires open skies

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Art doesn’t pay, and they know it
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The Times of India
Arun Dev
Date Published: 
Jan 30, 2011

BANGALORE: Umar Makthiyar, a student of art at Ken School of Arts who set up his stall at the Santhe, knows this is his only chance to make a few bucks through his passion.

''It's hard to make a living as an artist, unless you are well-known or influential, else your work will just sit in your workshop. They say your profession should be what you love to do, but in art, it could be suicidal,'' says Umar.

Life as an artist is a Catch 22 situation: an exhibition at a famous art gallery is beyond him and without showcasing his work, he will not make it anywhere. ''It's my second time at the Santhe and it's been great. It's sad that it happens only once a year. We wish we had more such regular platforms,'' said Umar.

Nenad Zuza is an artist from Serbia who's been living in Bangalore for over 10 years. He says there have been many attempts to create something like an art street in the city: the plans don't include fancy galleries but an open space in a park where even a poor man can sell his art.

"I've contacted many like-minded people to have a permanent place where artists could share their ideas and even sell their art, but none took off. If it did, many young people will come forward to take up art as a livelihood," said Zuza.

"Chasing a passion requires open skies," Roshan Baligar, a nature artist, summed up. "If you want a Picasso from Bangalore, you need a street of painters, and then wait for a miracle."