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Newton's Law or In other words - a nature's law - nothing is for free in this land of mortality. As the proverb from Bible also instructs us:"As you sow so shall you reap". Additionally, and ironically I must say, modern scientific studies have proven that we humans are not carnivorous by design. So, weather you are religious person or you hold a pro science oriented view - you smart people should come to conclusion that brutal killing for the sake of the pleasure of one's tongue should not persist as it is reactionary and completely unnecessary. Thus, here is an appeal for mercy on behalf of those poor creatures that can not speak for themselves.
Newton's Law
6 X 8
Oil on canvas
Not for sale
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All paintings are wonderful

All paintings are wonderful and I am moved to see them. I wish you to paint more and more from now on, I am expecting to see more of your work.

Nice to meet you

"I feel something mysterious from your paintings. I can feel the soul in each painting. I don`t have much experience of India but I studied about karma and vegetarianism; I am very happy that I found these (concepts) in your art." Mrs. Nishimura