Oil, Modern, surrealistic, contemporary,imaginative,fantasy,birth,death,money,question,sanskrit
Inspired by an aphorism of Vedanta-sutra:"Athato bhrama jijnasa"(sanskrit). Meaning - Now is the time to inquire about the Absolute Truth (God). All pervading time can't be stopped nor taken back. Real questions we humans should ask are: Who am I ? Where do I go after this life is over? What is important in life? Any of these questions can be asked only in human form of life. If you can answer questions above; for yourself; you have solved the puzzle of life. Of course, there can be lot more said in here and many interpretations may be given but that is an open topic and I'm leaving it to you - a respected viewer.
Now is the time
Oil on canvas
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so much said,...

You packed this one with meaning; for me this is true art.

Unique outlook

It is very nice to see beautiful colors and one’s unique outlook on the world. All the best to you in creating more of your art from now on.

Mysterious subject

I feel refreshed to see these paintings because they are drawn clearly about such a mysterious subject.


Great ! (Kasugai city, Japan.)